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Detecting and Avoiding Infinite Loops in the Menus API JSON

While unusual, it is technically possible for the following menu structure to be created in the Toast administration back-end:

  • Menu Item A includes Modifier Group B

  • Modifier Group B includes Modifier Option C

  • Modifier Option C's menu item reference is Menu Item A

Menu Item A may be a direct child of a menu group or it may be a modifier option. For more information about the relationship between menu items and modifier options, see Understanding a modifier option's item reference.

This configuration can create an infinite loop that prevents a menu from being resolved. If your integration encounters a modifier option whose item reference is the same as the modifier option's parent menu item (Menu Item A in the example above), your integration should stop looping through the menu JSON and not display the modifier option.


For information about modifier option item references, see Understanding a modifier option's item reference.