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Determining if a Menu Entity Should Be Visible on an Ordering Partner Site

In the Toast administration back-end, the Visible To configuration options control where a menu entity is visible and, by extension, available for ordering. For example, these configuration options control whether an entity can be ordered on a Toast POS device, on a Toast Kiosk, through a restaurant's Toast online ordering website, or through a restaurant's integration with another, third-party online ordering system. The following illustration shows the Visible To configuration options, which appear on a menu entity's details page:

The table below describes the behavior of these different settings and how they are represented in the visibility array that appears in the menus API for each menu entity:

Configuration option Menus API Visibility Array Enum Description

In-store orders: POS


The menu entity is visible on a Toast POS device.

In-store orders: Kiosk


The menu entity is visible on a Toast Kiosk.

Online orders: Toast


The menu entity is visible on a restaurant's Toast online ordering site.

Online orders: Ordering partners


The restaurant wants the menu entity to be visible on online ordering sites that integrate with the Toast platform using the orders API.

Partner integrations should inspect a menu entity's visibility array for the existence of the ORDERING_PARTNERS enum and only display menu entities where that enum exists.