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Determining If a Restaurant's Menu Data Has Gone Stale

There are two methods for determining if the menu data your integration client has for a restaurant has gone stale, the menus webhook and the /metadata endpoint. You should not make a call to the /menus endpoint for a restaurant unless you have used one of these methods to determine that the menu data you have for that restaurant is stale. While this recommendation applies to all clients of the menus API, it is particularly important for clients that have limited bandwidth.

The menus webhook is the preferred method for determining when a restaurant's menu data has gone stale. This webhook sends a message when a restaurant that uses your integration has published a change to its menus. The message payload includes the GUID of the affected restaurant and a timestamp, in the UTC time zone, for when the restaurant last published its menus. To keep your integration in sync with the Toast platform, request a new menu from the /menus endpoint after you receive a message from the menus webhook. If you are using the menus webhook, Toast support recommends also polling the /metadata endpoint (described below) every 30 minutes. This provides a backup in case your integration misses a message from the menus webhook.

As an alternative to the menus webhook, you can use the /metadata endpoint to retrieve the most recent date and time that the restaurant's menu was published, in the UTC time zone. You can compare the date and time returned by the /metadata endpoint to the lastUpdated value of the Restaurant object in your current menu data. Toast support strongly recommends that you do not make a call to the /menus endpoint unless the date and time returned by the /metadata endpoint is more recent than the lastUpdated date and time. If your integration uses the /metadata endpoint, Toast Support recommends that you poll the /metadata endpoint throughout the day to determine if your menu data has become stale.

For more information on the menus webhook, see Menus webhook. For more information on the /metadata endpoint, see the menus API reference documentation.