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Cash out transactions

Restaurant locations that use the Toast gift card provider integration can give guests cash as a gift card redeem transaction when applicable regulations require cash-out transactions. For example, some gift-card regulations require that guests can withdraw all remaining funds available on a gift card when the balance is below a specific threshold. A cash-out redeem transaction deducts funds from the gift card account and the guest receives the funds directly in cash. A guest must cash out the entire available balance of a gift card account. A cash out transaction leaves the gift card account with a 0.00 currency balance and you should update the card's balance to zero in your system. See this article for more information about cash out transactions.

If a gift card redemption is a cash out, the isCashOut value on the transaction will be true. Otherwise, isCashOut will be false.

Some restaurant locations are subject to regulations that require that guests be allowed to redeem gift card balances in cash.

Restaurant locations can enable or disable cash-out transactions for the gift card integration. Restaurant locations can set a maximum currency amount for cash-out transactions. If a gift card balance is greater than the cash-out transaction threshold, the Toast platform does not allow the cash-out redeem transaction.