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Integrations for specific restaurant groups

Here is the process for developing custom integrations for specific restaurant groups.


The first step toward building your own integration is to fill out an application for a custom integration.


The Toast API Solutions team schedules a discovery call with you within three weeks of receiving your application.

On this call, the Toast team discusses the Toast API functionality with you and determines whether an integration is technically feasible.

Statement of Work and kickoff

If the Toast integrations team chooses to move forward with integration development for your product, you receive a Statement of Work (SOW) to formalize the scope of services.

After the SOW is finalized, a Toast API Solutions Engineer schedules a development kickoff call to discuss the integration development process and the sandbox environment.


After your kickoff call, the Toast API Solutions team gives you authentication credentials to the sandbox environment. These credentials correspond to your partner API account or restaurant management group API account.

Once you have sandbox credentials, you can begin to write and test your code.

As you build your integration, refer to our integration development checklists.


When you are ready to take your integration live with your restaurants in the production environment, reach out to the Toast API Solutions team to schedule a certification call. The goal of the certification is to make sure that your integrated solution adheres to Toast API best practices and to understand the final primary workflows being supported.

The API Solutions team sends you a form to collect technical information about your integration. You should submit the completed form at least one business day before your certification call.

The certification call is a one-hour, interactive, demo-style review of your integration's workflows. The demo should reproduce the integration experience you will provide in production as closely as possible. On the call, you discuss:

  • How you interact with each endpoint.

  • If applicable, how you poll historical data.

  • If applicable, how you send data to the Toast platform.

  • For any restaurant reports, the alignment between your data and Toast POS system data.

If problems or questions arise during the certification call, the Toast API Solutions team sends an email message that lists the issues. It is your responsibility to resolve the issues before you can receive production credentials.

Production testing and go-live

After your integration is certified, the Toast API Solutions team issues production credentials. Your integration enters its production QA phase.

The Toast API Solutions team strongly encourages testing in the production environment to ensure that all workflows function as expected.

The Toast API Solutions team assists you with any major issues that arise.

To add additional locations, ask the restaurant to send an email message to the Toast API Solutions team that provides:

  • Their permission to be connected to your integration.

  • The names of the locations that will add the integration.