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Transaction types

This section provides information about the way the Toast loyalty integration API transactions correspond to Toast platform transactions.

The Toast platform sends requests to your integration API when restaurant employees perform loyalty program transactions at a restaurant. You can identify the transaction type for each request using the Toast-Transaction-Type HTTP header parameter. The information that you receive in the request body depends on the transaction type. Your integration service must return response data synchronously. Your response includes information such as the offers available to a loyalty program member and error codes that are defined by the integration API specification.

The loyalty integration API supports the following transaction types:

  • LOYALTY_SEARCH - retrieve a list of loyalty accounts that match search criteria.

  • LOYALTY_INQUIRE - retrieve list of available offers for a loyalty member, as well as verify offers that have been applied to the check.

  • LOYALTY_REDEEM - redeem the offers applied to a check.

  • LOYALTY_ACCRUE - describe the member's purchases to earn credit for future rewards.

  • LOYALTY_REVERSE -reverse a previous LOYALTY_REDEEM or LOYALTY_ACCRUE transaction.

The following sections provide information about Toast loyalty integration transaction types.