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Menu entity visibility enhancements (rolled out)

The following sections describe changes to the visibility settings for menu entities (menus, menu groups, menu items, modifier groups, modifier options and their underlying item references). Visibility settings control where a menu entity is visible and, by extension, available for ordering. For example, visibility settings control whether an entity can be ordered on a Toast POS device, on a Toast Kiosk, via a restaurant's Toast online ordering website, or via a restaurant's integration with another online ordering system.

Previously, a menu entity's visibility was controlled by several, separate settings in the Toast administration back-end. The visibility changes described in this release note:

  • Make the settings easier to understand and more intuitive to use by combining them into one cohesive set of configuration options with better labeling.

  • Allow a restaurant to specify which menu entities are visible on a restaurant's Toast online ordering website, which are visible on online ordering websites that integrate with the Toast POS system using the orders API, and which are visible on both.

  • Allow a restaurant to specify that a menu entity is visible on a restaurant's Toast online ordering website but not on a Toast POS device. Previously, in order for an entity to be available on Toast online ordering, it had to also be available on Toast POS devices.

To support the new visibility functionality, user interface changes have been made to the menu entity details pages in the Toast administration back-end and a set of corresponding changes have been made to the menus and configuration APIs. More information is provided about these UI and API changes in the Understanding the new visibility behavior section.

If you are an online ordering partner, the visibility changes require that you:

  • Use the visibility array available in the menus API for each menu entity to determine if the menu entity should be visible on your ordering web site. See Understanding the new visibility behavior for details.

  • Stop using the visibility and orderableOnline values on the Menu, MenuGroup, and MenuItem objects in the configuration API. While these values will continue to exist for a short period so that integrations do not break, they will be populated differently after 2020-05-25 and integrations that use them will potentially see unexpected behavior after this date.

To allow you to develop against the new visibility array, the sandbox environment now includes both the Toast administration back-end configuration options and the API changes, while the production environment includes the API updates only. This will allow you to set the configuration options in sandbox and develop and test against them, and then move your code to production in preparation for when restaurants will begin using the new configuration options. On 2020-05-25, the new visibility configuration options will become available to restaurants in the production environment. This is the date after which your partner restaurants may start using them and your integration must be able to handle the new API in the production environment.


To conserve the use of system resources, the menus API service only generates the JSON that it returns when a menu-related change has been made and published. This means that, when a restaurant makes changes to its menu visibility settings in the Toast administration back-end after 2020-05-25, they will have to publish those changes before the menus API can return them to your integration.