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How to add the payments to the check

To add payments to an existing check, you send a POST request to the /orders/{orderGuid}/checks/{checkGuid}/payments endpoint of the Toast orders API. To include the information about the payments, you include an array of JSON Payment objects. The type value for the payments must be CREDIT, and you must authorize the payments before you add them.

For more information, see Post payments in the Toast API reference.

To add payments to a check in an existing order

  1. Find the Toast platform GUIDs of the order and the check that you are adding items to. For more information on locating these GUIDs, see Finding an order or check guid.

  2. Authorize the credit card payments that you are adding. For more information, see Credit card payments.

    When you add payments to the check, you include the UUIDs of the authorized credit card payments.

  3. Create an array of JSON Payment objects that contain information about the payments you are adding. For each payment, you use the UUID as the value of guid.

    For information about the Payment object, see the reference documentation for the orders API. For an example, see Example array of Payment objects to add payments to an existing check.

  4. Send a POST request to the /orders/{orderGuid}/checks/{checkGuid}/payments endpoint of the orders API.

    In the REST request path parameters, include the Toast platform GUID of the order and the check.

    In the request message body, include the array of Payment objects that contains information about the payments to add.

  5. Examine the response data that you receive from the orders API. Verify that your request is processed successfully. For an example, see Example response data when adding a payment to an existing check.