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Verifying eligibility for combo discounts

A combo discount applies to multiple menu item selections in an order. A combo discount can be configured to apply to more than one item of the same type or to a combination of different items. For example, a combo discount might be:

  • Two small cheese pizzas for a fixed amount

  • One coffee and one bagel for a fixed amount

When you apply a combo discount to a check, the Toast platform selects matching menu selection items that qualify the check for the discount.

If the Toast platform cannot match a qualifying item for the discount, the orders API returns an HTTP 400 error to indicate that the order is not formed correctly.

When it identifies items to match the combo discount, the Toast platform does not select an item that already has a discount applied to it.

For example, you apply a combo discount that offers two small cheese pizzas for a fixed amount. The order contains two cheese pizzas. However, you also applied a 50% off discount to one of those pizzas. The discounted pizza cannot count toward the combo discount.