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Specifying the time period for the request

When you send a GET request to the /ordersBulk endpoint, you specify the period of time that you want to return orders.

To specify the time period, you use one of the following options:

  • Select the orders that were last modified during a specified time period.

    To use this option, specify dates and times in the startDate and endDate query parameters.

    Order creation is considered an order modification. The request results include orders that were created during the specified time period.

  • Select the orders that were created during a single restaurant business day.

    To use this option, set the businessDate query parameter.

    In the restaurants API, the restaurant's business day cutoff is determined by the closeoutHour value in the General object within the RestaurantInfo object.

Toast support recommends that you use the startDate and endDate query parameters. These parameters select orders based on the modification time stamp. The request returns orders that were either created or modified during that time period.

The businessDate query parameter selects orders based on the creation date. The request only returns orders that were created on that business day. It does not return orders that were modified on that business day, but created on an earlier day.