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About open price menu items

Open price menu items allow restaurant employees or your integration client software to set the price of a configured menu item. For example, the price of a seafood menu item might vary each day based on the current market price. Instead of changing the price in the menu each day, the item is configured as an open price menu item, and the price is specified when the order is placed. You can POST orders with open price menu items with the orders API.

Open price menu items are different from open menu items, which allow restaurant employees to set both the name AND the price of the item. You cannot POST orders with open menu items with the orders API.

To verify that a menu item is an open price menu item, check the pricingStrategy value of the MenuItem object in the menus API response data. If the pricingStrategy value is OPEN_PRICE, then the menu item is an open price menu item.

The following example MenuItem object is for an open price menu item:

"menuItems": [
    "entityIdentifier": "0/2/0/e19e5a1c-2b52-42ad-935e-568cd2a333dc",
    "name": "Soda",
    "guid": "e19e5a1c-2b52-42ad-935e-568cd2a333dc",
    "masterId": 200000000070407140,
    "description": "",
    "image": null,
    "visibility": [
    "price": null,
    "pricingStrategy": "OPEN_PRICE",
    "pricingRules": null,