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How to set the price of an open price item

To set the price for an open price item, in the Selection object for the open price item, set the openPriceAmount value to the currency amount of the item price. openPriceAmount is the price of a single item before any quantity, taxes, discounts, and modifier adjustments are applied. For example, a restaurant configures a seafood special as an open price item. openPriceAmount is always the price of one seafood special, even if a guest orders more than one seafood special.

If you do not provide an openPriceAmount value for an open price menu item, the orders API sets the price to 0.00.

Include the open price items in the request body that you send to the /prices endpoint to get the check prices. For open price items, the call to the /prices endpoint returns the calculated tax for the item. The orders API calculates the tax based on the value of openPriceAmount.