This guide will be removed on April 29, 2022. Please use our new, easier-to-use Toast technical documentation site. All updated content is on the new site.

Planned maintenance windows

Scheduled maintenance windows are announced in advance on The maintenance windows for the Toast platform typically occur on the United States Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays due to the low order volume on these days. Toast support teams attempt to announce scheduled maintenance windows with at least four weeks in advance.

During a planned maintenance window, consider implementing the following approaches to your integration:

When a Toast API is the server
  • Pause your read operations during the maintenance window. You cannot successfully retrieve information from the Toast platform during the downtime.

  • To minimize your integration's downtime, monitor the status notifications on The maintenance window may end sooner than expected. You can resume your integration as soon as the maintenance window is over.

  • If your authentication token expires during the maintenance window, retrieve a new authentication token after the maintenance window is over. For more information about authentication, see Getting an authentication token and Refreshing authentication tokens.

  • Include an alternate handling method for maintenance windows in your workflow. The way you handle unexpected, temporary unavailability might be inefficient for a longer, planned maintenance window. For example, if your integration retries an API call five minutes after it receives a 5XX error, your integration will have many failed retries during a 45-minute maintenance window.

    During a maintenance window, you need to halt the polling requests for your integration.

When a Toast API is the client
  • If your integration with Toast involves webhooks or uses APIs in which Toast is the client (such as the gift card and loyalty APIs), your endpoint(s) will not see any activity during the downtime window. The Toast platform is unavailable during the downtime window.

  • If you have alerts that fire when there is abnormally low activity on your integration endpoints, suppress or ignore these alerts during the maintenance window.