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Restaurant Information

The restaurants API has endpoints that let you obtain two types of information about restaurants:

  • The /restaurants/v1/groups/{managementGroupGUID}/restaurants endpoint returns a list of the restaurants that belong to a restaurant management group.

  • The /restaurants/v1/restaurants/{restaurantGUID} endpoint returns configuration information about a specific restaurant location. This configuration information is more business oriented (such as the restaurant's location, services, and schedules) than the information returned by the configuration API.

The following sections provide information about how to use the restaurants API.

The order management configuration API has an endpoint that lets you retrieve a restaurant's online ordering schedule.

  • The /ordermgmt-config/published/orderingSchedule endpoint returns a restaurant's online ordering schedule. You can use the online ordering schedule to determine when your online ordering platform should allow guests to place orders at the restaurant. The online ordering schedule indicates when the restaurant accepts orders that will be fulfilled immediately, and whether guests can place orders for future fulfillment.

The following section provides information about how to use the order management configuration API.