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Tax rounding

When it calculates taxes and check prices, the orders API uses the following rounding rules to produce valid denomination values.

  • The orders API rounds all currency amounts to two decimal places.

  • When the orders API applies a percent tax rate, it uses the rounding algorithm that is configured for that percent tax rate.

    For example, depending on the configured rounding option, the orders API rounds a tax amount of $1.235 down to $1.23 or up to $1.24. For more information, see Rounding options in the Toast Platform Guide.

  • To calculate a check price, the orders API first rounds the item prices, including the tax amounts. It then sums the rounded item prices.


This description of the orders API rounding method does not guarantee that orders API client software can accurately calculate check prices. The price of a check includes several factors in addition to the item prices and rounded tax amounts.

The /prices endpoint is the only reliable and supported way to determine the payment amount for a check. See Getting check prices before you submit an order.

If you POST an order with a payment amount that does not match the results from the /prices endpoint, then restaurant employees must manually handle the underpayment or overpayment during order fulfillment.