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POS workflow

This section describes the user interface workflow in the Toast platform for billing a hotel restaurant guest using the hotel's PMS provider.

At the payment phase of the Toast platform order workflow:

  1. A guest chooses to pay a balance due by applying the balance to their room charge.

  2. An employee selects the Pay ($) button to navigate to the Payments screen.

  3. The restaurant employee selects the Other button.

  4. The Select Alternate Payment Type dialog appears and Hotel Room Charge is listed as an option.


    The name of the payment option is configurable from the Toast administration backend at Payments > Other Payment Options.

  5. After selecting room charge, a Lookup Hotel Guest dialog appears.

  6. The restaurant employee enters information to look up a guest and selects Search. For example, they enter a room number in the Enter Room # field.

  7. Once the search is complete, a list of search results appears on the Toast POS device.

  8. The restaurant employee selects the record corresponding to the guest that owes the check amount and processes the payment with the PMS provider. If digital receipts are configured, the Toast POS device prompts the restaurant employee to add the tip amount.

    If the restaurant employee chose to print a receipt, the Room Charge payment and any applied discounts are printed on the receipt.