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Credit card payments

You can authorize a credit card payment for a check and then apply that payment to a check when you create an order. The credit cards API processes the authorization for a credit card payment. You can use the authorized credit card payment as the payment for a check that you create in the orders API.

When you authorize a credit card payment, the credit cards API places a hold for the amount of the payment on the card account. For a period of five minutes, you can submit an order to the orders API using that payment. If you do not submit an order using the payment within five minutes, the credit cards API will automatically release the hold. You cannot apply the credit card payment to a check after the credit cards API releases the hold. When you apply a credit card payment to a check, the Toast platform will automatically capture payment from the card account after business hours on the day the order is fulfilled. If it fails to capture payment within four days, it will void the payment for the order.


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