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Using the menus API, you can retrieve menu data from the Toast POS system for a given restaurant. You can then use this data to perform Toast API operations, for example, to submit an order to the orders API.

With the menus API, you submit a REST request for a specified restaurant. The menus API returns a JSON response that contains a set of fully resolved menus for the restaurant. For detailed information on using the menus API, see Getting Menu Information from the Menus API.

The Toast POS system also has two legacy mechanisms for retrieving menu data, the nightly menu data export and the menu-related endpoints of the configuration API. While these mechanisms continue to be supported for partners that have not transitioned to the menus API, the menus API is the preferred way of retrieving menu data. See Getting menu information from the menu data export (deprecated) and Getting menu information from the configuration API for information on these legacy mechanisms. Also, see Comparing the Menus API with the Configuration API and Menu JSON Export for a discussion of how the menus API compares to the legacy mechanisms.